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Humrlegat frisr

On Thursday, December 19; Master of Ceremonials Svend Aage Suhr, Troubadour Henning Kaastrup, and Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen entered the hair Salon MY & HOLGER.

There customers, staff and “the person of the day” Sofie Grønhøj Møller were surprised to see the Chief Bencher present Sofie with Christian the Fourth Guild’s


The Prize is awarded to a trainee “who, with her good humor, cheerful disposition, and positive attitude contributes to spreading good vibes and camaraderie.”

Sofie have all these qualities and is a fantastic Girl who tackles all task with a smile.

The Prize consists of a diploma and 1.000 dkr.

1558On Saturday, October 14th, 13 individuals from Aalborg and Northern Jutland were initiated. The weather was quite changeable, but the 'city walk' was successfully completed in style.

The master of ceremonies could announce that all participants had tackled the various natural obstacles with distinction. There was a great atmosphere, as the Guild's 'Galadinner' consisting of two red sausages, bread, mustard, ketchup, as well as beer and potato juice, was enjoyed with great delight.

After the story of the 'worm,' international songs, and 'true stories,' the initiation concluded with music and       communal singing by our two troubadours.IMG 1557







A good Saturday morning came to an end.


IMG E7213No fewer than 14 different nations were represented at the Guild's initiation of UNMILPOC.

alborg is internationally involved in the training of military police. An activity that has been taking place for over 30 years, where military police personnel primarily undergoing training come to Aalborg. Twice a year, there is a course at the Military Police in Aalborg. A course that usually lasts for 14 days.

Another group from UNMILPOC, as the international military police work is called, was in Aalborg for this training course - and as tradition dictates, they must receive a true Aalborg reception by being initiated to Christian the Fourth's Guild. After visiting the city hall, the Guild introduces them to a part of Denmark and Aalborg's history by hearing about King Christian the Fourth and his deeds, hearing about the Merchant Jens Bang, who built the impressive house we find ourselves in 395 years ago, and, not least, the story of the Guild's establishment during World War II and its activities since 1942.

When the Guild's membership is described with members from about 120 different nations, and who has been admitted specifically on an international level over the years, people pay attention, because becoming a guild sister or brother is certainly something  special.. All this internationalism later turns into a Danish expression when Christian the Fourth's Guild's grand dinner is enjoyed. Two delicious Danish red sausages with bread and various accompaniments. This is supplemented with good Danish humor and communal singing, as well as "potato juice," and as usual, it creates a great IMG E7263atmosphere and Danish coziness.

This time, too, we had the pleasure of a visit of one of the military police leaders, this time a colonel and his wife from Bulgaria, where the Guild subsequently presented the colonel with a C4 weapon crest as a memento of the event.

There were happy faces everywhere when the day's initiation was over.

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It was a pleasure to have the employees from the company Auto-G at the Guild.

IMG 5144When the chief bencher entered the cellar of Jens Bang Stenhus after the master of ceremonies had asked the guests to rise, they were greeted with friendly but curious looks, as there was some anticipation about what was going to happen.

The anticipation grew a bit more pronounced when the toastmaster ensured that the chief bencher quenched their thirst, while the guests only had the opportunity to watch and perhaps wonder why they weren't offered anything to drink.

The chief bencher then began to introduce the guests to the history of Christian the Fourth's Guild, when and why the Guild was established, and why they are located in the renowned Jens Bang Stenhus, before explaining the rules of admission to the guests. All guests wished to join, so it was pleasing that none were deterred by the requirements.

On this day, it became necessary to take a short city tour, so we did not get to see the Guild's magnificent linden tree at Gammel Torv by the City Hall. This was necessary due to another event at Gammel Torv.

The company was received the secret passage by the Guild's historical expert, who explained why the secret passage became necessary, and demonstrated how the new members would have the opportunity to use the C4 key, which they each received upon admission.

IMG 5139Back in the cellar, spirits rose a few degrees as the guests finally got something to drink, first by getting acquainted with the old Viking drink mead and later learning about "Potato Juice" as well. Our two-man band played the Guild's good songs, and the atmosphere rose even further after the chairman entertained the guests with anecdotes, including those about Nordic cooperation and understanding, creating a really good mood during the intake of the Christian the Fourth Guild's grand and splendid dinner, where the red sausages were enjoyed with great joy.

But all good things must come to an end, so the chief bencher left the good company to move on to the next item on their agenda.
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Billede1There was humility and great joy in finally being able to participate in a long-awaited initiation ceremony at Christian the Fourth's Guild on August 26, 2023.

Christian the Fourth's Guild had the pleasure of initiating no fewer than 46 new members from the Cimbria Lodge in Aalborg.

The Freemason Lodge subsequently sent an article about the initiation, which we hereby present:

Freemasons, their families, and close friends from Randers to Skagen defied the gloomy weather forecasts and flocked to Aalborg on a cool and cloudy Saturday morning.

The Freemason Lodge filled the entire basement of Jens Bang's Stone House, including the first floor, with family members and guests of the initiates. In total, 46 excited Freemasons, family members, and friends were ready for initiation into Christian the Fourth's Guild on this day.

The Chief Bencher, along with the benchers, conducted a fantastic and colorful initiation ceremony. Fortunately, there were plenty of bricks supporting the ceiling, or else it might have been blown off. All guests and recipients of initiation respectfully and reverently received the presentation of the benches, and no one dared to make any witty remarks during the ritual.

Billede2The guild's troubadour provided mood-setting music that truly lifted everyone's spirits, especially when the treasurer, accompanied by a helper, went around selling the guild's beautiful C4 pins. The treasurer could later report that there had been a successful sale of these pins, which can help one make friends all over the world.

During the visit to our linden tree, the guild's forester informed us that he visited the tree daily with a bit of mead to ensure it stayed in good shape and never went thirsty. He also mentioned that King Christian the Fourth's dog was buried under the tree, although he was somewhat uncertain about whether the King had a dog.

The procession continued through Aalborg and ended at the Secret passage, where our historian, Henrik Schou, explained the origins of the secret entrance, where the provided key could grant access. Master of ceremonial Palle Bjørnstrup asked a new member to test the key, and fortunately, it worked, allowing the group to return to the wine cellar, where the Chief Bencher waited.

The hearty North Jutlanders from Cimbria ensured that the schnapps song echoed in Aalborg and consumed the well-poured potato juice with due respect for the noble drops.

It was a group of happy and cheerful guests that the benchers left in the delightful wine cellar.

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