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Initiation of members from the Hjallerup Market committee

Today's initiation involved 19 new members, the majority of whom were from the association behind Hjallerup Market.

Through many years there has been a good connection between the Market Committee and Christian the Fourth Guild. 

All 19 received an introduction to the history of Christian the Fourth Guild, were initiated and then the new members were sent on the obligatory tour in Aalborg, which, however, was shorter than usual this day, as this year's Christmas Market totally occupied the area where our beautiful tree stands at Gl. Torv. The group reached the "secret entrance" - and luckily one of the keys to the entrance worked.

Back in the cellar, the mead was tasted and the program continued with the dinner of Christian the Fourth Guild, and the ritual consumption of the "potato juice".

Our "three man band" entertained the newly initiated and the spectators in the cellar with wonderful melodies. 

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Foto:  Fini Ryming



The Guild of Christian the Fourth is now dressed so that they can represent Aalborg in a proper way.

Thursday the 14th November, Christian the Fourth Guild was a recipient of a donation from the Spar Nord Foundation.

The donation was kr. 25,000 and earmarked new "jackets" so the Guild still will appear properly dressed, when they represent the Guild on different occasions.

The donation was presented to the Chief Bencher by bank chairman Hans Thorup assisted by client manager Ole Busk Hansen.

The Chief Bencher expressed his gratitude of the donation and mentioned in his speech the good relations between Spar Nord Bank and Guild.

IMG 2605A salute welcomed 21 American travel agents.

The 21 Americans, who were special guests to Aalborg and North Jutland, arrived on their last evening of their visit to Nytorv in Aalborg. Here they were received with a salute, fired by Aalborg Kanonlaug before entering Jens Bang Stenhus to be initiated into the Guild of Christian the Fourth.

The 21 Americans had been guests since Thursday, October 3, and were invited to Aalborg and North Jutland by a number of companies to experience our Region. The 21 people are executive travel agents in the United States.

This Monday evening - the last night of their adventure tour - the 21 travel agents were to finish their tour in North Jutland in Aalborg, with being admitted into the Guild of Christian the Fourth.
Chiefbencher Niels Voss Hansen warmly welcomed the guests into Christian the Fourth Guild in the old wine cellar in Jens Bang's Stenhus. The guests were festively presented to the guild and its activities, including a presentation of the guild's brothers. They were told the history of the guild, before they got a key to the secret entrance to the premises. To find this secret entrance, the newly initiated were led around in the city under musical guidance to the entrance, where one of the new members, on behalf of all the others, tested that the key could open the door.

Back in the wine cellar, the new members were invited to the galla dinner of the Guild of Christian the Fourth, consisting of two wonderful red sausages, a glass of beer and a glass of potatojuice (snaps).

After the ceremonial the travel agents and their hosts went to a farewell dinner at the Utzon Center, which marked the final of their visit to Aalborg and North Jutland.

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Photo: Fini Ryming

Inger RislandFor the 20th time, Inger and Bjørn Røisland brought a bunch of happy Norwegians to the Guild of Christian the Fourth.
The initiation was, as usual very lively and the participants from Tvedestrand were in a high spirit, when the new members had to show their white socks (a special gimmick for people coming from Tvedestrand).

The group also song a couple of beautiful and special songs, for the benchers.

As it was the 20th time Inger and Bjørn Røisland had a group in the Guild, the chief bencher held a little speech and presented Inger and Bjørn with a bottle of “Laugsbitter” and two “shot glasses” engraved with C4.

In return Inger promised that they would return year after year – which we already are looking forward to.

It was a really good day with lot of humor and good vibrations. 

Veteraner 01Initiation of Danish Veterans (including former Blue Barets, etc.) and the corresponding Norwegian organization NVIO.

19 new brothers and sisters were initiated, in presence of about 45 members. It created an excellent atmosphere in Duus´ Wine cellar.

This was the 25th time the associations held a meeting in Aalborg.

On account of that chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen handed over the Crest of Christian the Fourths Guild to chairman of the NVIO local branch in Larvik, Knut Erik Jørgensen and the chairman of the Danish Veterans “Limfjorden” Ole Nørholt.
The morning ended with lunch for the participants in Duus`s Wine Cellar.

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Foto: Fini Ryming