Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


DuusIt was an evening full of experiences. When the Benchers entered a fully occupied Duus Vinkjælder.  As tradition dictates, this is the annual Guild Assembly, where many members take the opportunity to visit the Guild.

After the benchers had taken their seats, there was time to quench “our thirst first.” Subsequently, the chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen welcomed everyone to this year's Guild Assembly, as well as the induction of new members. Former chief of emergency services Jørgen Petersen was proposed as the chairman for the Guild Assembly, and then he took over and conducted the meeting, addressing the eight items on the agenda. As usual, the chief bencher had to get used to someone else taking control. The chairman conducted the Guild Assembly, and all presents were informed about the Guild's activities, finances, and there were also re-elections for the chief bencher, treasurer, cellar master, scrivener, and auditor.

During the event, awards were also presented to two young people from 4th May College in Aalborg, who received a token of appreciation to brighten their lives. The chief bencher concluded the Guild Assembly and urged the assembly to give the chairman a big round of applause for successfully conducting the meeting.

After that, we proceeded with the induction of eight new members into the Guild. They were initiated into the Guild's rules, including becoming members under the current king, His Majesty King Frederick the Tenth. The new members also learned about the history and activities of the Guild and took the obligatory walk through the old and new Aalborg, where they were shown the secret entrance and tested that the key provided to the door worked. Back in the cellar, the new members were introduced to the traditional drink, mead, and everyone managed to keep it down.IMG 7685

Next, it was time to celebrate with the new members, so the Guild's splendid dinner was served. However, the chief bencher made it clear to the guests that the delightful "potato juice" awaiting them should not be touched until given the green light from the head table. The Guild's two troubadours made sure the guests learned the songs in the Guild's songbook. This was accompanied by stories about the good relations between the Scandinavian countries, examples of the "harmful effects of alcohol," and notably the story about the Norwegian bishop.

As it is customary during inductions, the benchers paradoxically leave the company at its peak, and so it was on this day as well.

On this evening, the chief bencher also took the opportunity to award the Guild's gold medal to fund administrator Jens-Christian Schmidt. He has been a longstanding member of the board and has held various positions of trust in the Guild over the years, including fund administrator, scrivener, vice chief bencher, and more. In awarding the gold medal, the chief bencher highlighted Jens-Christian Schmidt's always meticulous work with the tasks entrusted to him. His problem-solving approach to tasks, and especially his meticulous care for them. All these qualities have benefited the Guild of Christian IV, and this is clearly the reason for awarding the Guild's Gold Medal to Jens-Christian Schmidt. The awarding of the gold medal was met with great applause, especially from the bencher, who clearly expressed that the award was well-deserved.

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Duus lilleDer afholdes ordinær Laugsforsamling, jf. Laugsskråens artikel 7,

tirsdag den 27. februar 2024 kl. 18.30

i Duus Vinkjælder, Østerågade, Aalborg.

Dagsorden ifølge Laugsskråen.

Eventuelle punkter til dagsorden skal være Laugsstyrelsen skriftligt i hænde senest 19. februar 2024.

Medlemmer som har betalt "livsvarigt medlemskab" eller årskontingent for 2024 er stemmeberettigede.

Bordbestilling afgives til Laugskjældermester Ole Bech Kristensen, tlf.: 3029 0591.

Optagelse af enkeltpersoner i Lauget kan ske i begrænset omfang denne aften, pris 350 kr. ligeledes ved henvendelse til Ole Bech Kristensen. 

DSC02497 foto Olav VibildOver the past many years, the Guild of Christian Fourth has awarded the "Soldier of the Year" prize at the Guild Assembly in the month of February.DSC02457 foto Olav Vibild Kopi

This year, the event was moved to the square in front of the Cathedral, where a "New Year's Event" was organized, featuring the participation of Mayor Lasse Frimand Jensen, entertainment by Trio Vellyd, the Denmark Society presenting Flag Prizes, the selection of the "Cannon of the Year" by the Aalborg Cannon Guild, and the "Soldier of the Year" by the Christian IFourth Guild. In addition, there was a New Year's speech by Regional Manager Bo Bojer from Sparekassen Danmark.

The Aalborg Cannon Guild fired salutes, and Champagne was served to all attendees throughout the event. Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen highlighted in his speech:

Flight Corporal Simon Steenhoff Salomon Madsen

He acknowledged the commendable statements received from the Aalborg Garrison and presented both a diploma and a modest amount (which can be used imprudently) to the "Soldier of the Year" and wished Simion all the best in his future in the Royal Danish Airforce.


Humrlegat frisr

On Thursday, December 19; Master of Ceremonials Svend Aage Suhr, Troubadour Henning Kaastrup, and Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen entered the hair Salon MY & HOLGER.

There customers, staff and “the person of the day” Sofie Grønhøj Møller were surprised to see the Chief Bencher present Sofie with Christian the Fourth Guild’s


The Prize is awarded to a trainee “who, with her good humor, cheerful disposition, and positive attitude contributes to spreading good vibes and camaraderie.”

Sofie have all these qualities and is a fantastic Girl who tackles all task with a smile.

The Prize consists of a diploma and 1.000 dkr.