On July fourth, the American Independence Day, we had our traditional inauguration in connection with the festivities at Rebild Hills.

DSC 0291 2There were twenty-seven applicants, who all succeeded in walking around the Stonehouse as well as tastning the mead, the sausages, beer, not to forget the potatojuice.

Among the new members were the US keynote speaker Elisabeth Bumiller, head of The New York Times in Washington, minister for digital government Marie Bjerre, representing the Danish government and Simone Saustrup, This year’s youth speaker.

We started the inauguration at half past nine and ended ten to eleven, so everybody could reach the tent luncheon in Rebild, which started at 12 o’clock.

The tent luncheon was as usual a remarkable success, with a fully booked tent, everybody in a good mood, and good entertainment.

We awarded a Christian the Fourth tie to the Danish keynote speaker Adam Price, the American keynote speaker Elisabeth Bumiller, minister Marie Bjerre and youth speaker Simone Saustrup all got a new designed Christian the Fourth silk scarf.

Furthermore, we presented to the above mentioned, our new C 4 cap, which is especially useful in sun or rain! 

DSC 0156Former and present President of the Rebild National Park Society Jesper Jespersen and Jørgen Bech Madsen also got a C4 tie.

Like last year the weather did not behave, it was raining, so raincoats were in great demand when all went down into the Hills!!

You can buy the new C4 cap on our Homepage. 

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