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women who saved jogger“It is most admirable that somebody immediately takes action, when somebody else is in danger – instead of just ignoring the situation.”

Thus were the words of chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen from Christian the Fourth´s Guild, when the Guild presented a “bette cheque” to Maria Bitsch (bette being the local word for small). Maria Bitsch is the young woman, who a couple of weeks ago came to the rescue of a jogger, who had just been attacked by two fierce, fighting dogs.

“The income of the Guild stems from contingents and donations, and so it isn’t great sums that we are able to donate, but it is absolutely in the spirit of the Guild to appreciate an heroic act such as that of Maria Bitsch, when she threw herself into a fight with two ferocious dogs who had grabbed the jogger with their teeth”- said Niels Voss Hansen.

Maria Bitsch was –with her family – invited to the Guild’s lounge in Jens Bangs Stone-house in Aalborg, and it was here she received the cheque and a bottle of “Laugsbitter”.

Maria Bitsch won’t forget the morning when she – driving on Anders Bork’s Road in Aalborg – saw the two dogs attack a jogger. “I braked and used the horn” – Maria Bitsch tells – ”but that didn’t stop the dogs.

Then I opened a door and the jogger got into the car - and so did one of the dogs still with its teeth in the poor man’s leg. I then grabbed a children’s auto chair and used it to hit the dog with one hand, while I used the other hand to keep the horn sounding to get someone to come and help”.

At one point both the furious dogs were in the car, and got hit with the chair. By then help arrived and at last the dogs had to lose their grip and leave the car without having injured Maria Bitsch.

The benchers of the Guild salutes Maria Bitsch, and she is presented with a cheque and a bottle of “Laugsbitter”.

Foto: Jens Morten


The thai ambassadorChristian The Fourth´s Guild is now such a famous attraction that the ambassador to Denmark from Thailand and the first secretary from the embassy travelled from Copenhagen to Aalborg with the sole purpose of being initiated into the Guild.

Ambassador Payawat Niyomrerks and first secretary Pornpan Jankrajang knew the history of the Guild from general consul Ib Thomsen, Hvide Sande, who himself was initiated years ago and who this time was present as a spectator.

“I have heard so much about Christian The Fourth´s Guild that I wanted to be part of it” declared the ambassador before the initiation where he in the beginning had to sit with an empty glass while the benchers - according to the tradition - cared for their own “thirst first”. After the initiation - and still following tradition - was he served red sausages, beer and potato juice as Aalborg snaps is affectionately called in the Guild.

On the same occasion were 14 participants from UNMILPOC (United Nations Military Police Course) at Aalborg barracks initiated. That’s another tradition that participants in the international courses for military police are initiated. This year there were participants from eight different countries.

Foto: Jens Morten

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Duus wine cellarOn Saturday August 18th Christian The Fourth´s Guild performed an initiation in Duus´ Wine-cellar of 17 guides from the tourist organization VisitAalborg.

At the same occasion 25 members of the crew from the Danish Navy support vessel "Absalon" were also initiated.

The City of Aalborg adopted the ship in 2008 and it is a tradition to initiate new members of the crew whenever "Absalon" visits Aalborg.

"Absalon" is the biggest battle-ship in the Danish Navy and also the biggest battle-ship in Scandinavia.

Foto: Fini Ryming

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Dr. magretheOn the fourth of July 2012 the “Rebild National Park Society” celebrated its 100th anniversary as a Danish-American friendship organization at the American independency day festivities in Rebild Hills. On this occasion Christian The Fourth´s Guild carried out two initiations in Aalborg.

On the 3th of July 42 persons from both USA and Denmark were initiated – among them “Mayor for a Day” Curtis LeRoy Hansen and his wife Ruth Hansen.

On the 4th of July the American main speaker, the actor Keith Carradine, was initiated. Keith Carradine is a great- grandchild of the Danish American Max Henius who was the founder of the “Rebild National Park Society” in 1912. The king – His Majesty Christian the 10th – were presented with a deed of gift for the “Danish-American National Park”, as it was called at that time.

Among the other persons initiated at the celebration were several descendants of Max Henius, among them the Danish writer Suzanne Brøgger.

The initiation was attended by the American Ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton, who herself was initiated at an earlier 4th of July celebration.

After the initiation the celebrations continued with a tent-lunch for more than 1,000 participants. During this lunch the Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen presented Keith Carradine and Curtis LeRoy with the Guild- necktie and Suzanne Brøgger with the Guild scarf.

The celebrations in the Rebild Hills were attended by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, her sister Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte and the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Smitdt, who was the Danish main speaker.

Foto: Fini Ryming

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Guild meeting 2012The annual Guild meeting 2012 was held Wednesday the 29th of February. Duus´ Vinkjælder (Wine cellar) was as usual completely crowded.

Everything functioned perfectly from the start. But this situation lasted only a few minutes. Then the amplifying system died and resurrection was tried - but in vain.

The members sitting in the green room were unable to hear anything and had to follow the Guild meeting as a silent movie on the CCTV screens.

Apart from this the Guild meeting went according to plan headed by honourable vice bencher P.E. Jensen, who as usual was elected chairman.

During the annual report - which can be seen on the website - chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen reported that Guild press attaché Preben Busekist after 16 years as member of the board had wanted to retire due to health causes. The chief bencher expressed on behalf of the board a sincere thanks to Preben Busekist for his valuable contribution in the Guild.

Just before the start of the initiation the new member of the board, Peter Arboe-Hermansen, was introduced, given his gown and seated at the board´s table.

Photo 1:
Prize-winners (from left): Captain Wilhelm Pedersen, who in 1962 was the first recipient of the prize of honour. First lieutenant Karoline Sara Tjell, Soldier of the year, Chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, Vagn Thomsen, Prize of honour 2012, Søren Windfeldt Nielsen, resident of the Churchill Room, Fourth May College, Peder Morre, Initiative-prize 2012

Photo 2:
Chief bencher and captain Wilhelm Pedersen, who 50 years ago brought from Antarctica to Aalborg Zoo no less than 17 imperial penguins.

Photo 3:
The Guild´s night watchman and Foundation administrator greets Aalborg´s former mayor, Kaj Kjær.

Photo 4:
The board and the elected chairman of the Guild meeting.

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Foto: Jens Morten