DonationSunday, April the 4th, a 49 year old man was rescued from drowning in the Limfjord.
For reasons unknown, he had fallen in the fjord in the area of Sturhs Brygge.
In an apartment close to the scene, the couple Dorssa Goodarzi and Joakim Bove' Winkler have their home.
Dorssa had been working late and were relaxing, watching television, when she suddenly head cries from the harbor.
She at once woke Joakim and sent him down to the fjord, while phoning alarm 112.
Joakim saw a man in the fjord and resolutely jumped into the fjord, and swam to the distressed man, who had moved more than 50 meters from the quay.
He was brought back to solid ground and taking to hospital by the waiting ambulance.
Apart from being cold he was all right.
The man must be said to be a lucky person. Joakim has been a keen swimmer, and have learned live saving at sea.
The Guild of Christian the Fourth found that this deed was an exceptional example of daring without thinking of ones live, so we decided to invite the couple down to the Guild, where we offered a small donation to Joakim and flowers to Dorssa, with compliments for their effort.

We are happy to tell that the couple will initiated in the Guild by a later occasion.

Foto: Jens Morten